Timothy hay

$250.00$300.00 / M.Ton - FOB Los Angeles

Item # Timothy Hay SKU # 201410108 Price per unit M.Ton - FOB Los AngelesOrder: Minimum Qty 1 Container loadOrder: Minimum Amt 1 Container loadBrand BabaashCountry of Origin USA, Canada
* Price is FOB Los Angeles in Small to large compressed bales ** Available in 30Kg,                                                                                                                                                                                              60Kg, 120Kg, and 450Kg. compressed by Hay Press machine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Grades:  
  • Premium First Cutting               US$ 300
  • No.1 First Cutting                        US$ 270
  • No.2 First Cutting                       US$ 250
  • Premium Second Cutting         US$ 280


Timothy hay

Our Sun cured Timothy hay grown in USA or Canada for Export is a perennial meadow grass hay that is both nutritious and flavorful.
Timothy hay is a premium feed option for a variety of feed programs for cattle and horses and can be fed regularly to satisfy appetite and maintain overall health and conditioning without excess calories and protein because of its low protein, high fiber, and high energy content make it easily digestible.
For livestock with higher protein requirements, Timothy hay is often part of a comprehensive feed program including alfalfa or other legume.
  • Premium First Cutting
  • No.1 First Cutting
  • No.2 First Cutting
  • Premium Second Cutting


Our core samples from multiple bales of every stack are analyzed by third-party forage analysis labs which are  certified by the National Forage Testing Association.


Physical characteristics of our Timothy hay are:
  • It’s a Cool-season grass that grows well with a cool spring and withstands harsh winters mostly found at the base of a major mountain range, where winds coming off the mountains dry cut hay before sun bleach sets in.
  • Our First cutting is harvested from a weed-free field at an early stage of growth before the stem becomes larger and coarser.
  • It is Cut and Sun-cured in windrows where the warm winds dry the hay to a moisture level that allows for compressed baling and storage without moisture, mold and rot issues.


Our Export Timothy hay from the farmer is single Pressed either in 3-tie bales or big bales which are brought to a hay processing facility.
They are then compressed by a Hay press machine to a specific size and weight.
Our bale sizes vary from small to large, in 30Kg, 60Kg, 120Kg, and 450Kg. to conveniently load more hay into the sea container and reduce ocean freight costs.


Timothy hay
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