Alfalfa Hay

$250.00$300.00 / M.Ton - FOB Los Angeles

Item # Alfalfa Hay SKU # 201310107 Price per unit M.Ton - FOB Los AngelesOrder: Minimum Qty 1 Container loadOrder: Minimum Amt 1 Container loadBrand BabaashCountry of Origin USA, Canada

* Price is FOB Los Angeles in Small to large compressed bales ** Available in 30Kg, 60Kg, 120Kg, and 450Kg. compressed by Hay Press machine


  • Supreme (CP22/RFV185) – (Crude Protein-22 / Relative Feed Value-185)           US$ 300 /M.Ton
  • Premium (CP20/RFV170) – (Crude Protein-20 / Relative Feed Value-170)          US$ 280 /M.Ton
  • Good (CP18/RFV150) – (Crude Protein-18 / Relative Feed Value-150)                    US$ 260 /M.Ton
  • Fair (CP18/RFV130) – (Crude Protein-18 / Relative Feed Value-130)                     US$ 250 /M.Ton


Alfalfa Hay

Our Sun-cured Alfalfa hay is grown in USA or Canada for Export.
Alfalfa hay is the most well-known and widely fed legume (called “lucerne” in many parts of the world) and has the highest feeding value for your dairy cows, beef cattle, horses, sheep, etc.
Alfalfa’s high protein content makes it ideal for milk-producing livestock, horses and animals with high energy requirements.


We use the USDA nutrition guideline based solely on Scientific Analysis to determine the Alfalfa hay grade.
  1. Supreme (CP22/RFV185) – (Crude Protein-22 / Relative Feed Value-185)
  2. Premium (CP20/RFV170) – (Crude Protein-20 / Relative Feed Value-170)
  3. Good (CP18/RFV150) – (Crude Protein-18 / Relative Feed Value-150)
  4. Fair (CP18/RFV130) – (Crude Protein-18 / Relative Feed Value-130)
  5. Economy


Our core samples from multiple bales of every stack are analyzed by third-party forage analysis labs which are certified by the National Forage Testing Association.
  • Crude Protein (CP) – an estimate of the plant protein in the feed based on its total nitrogen content. Expressed as a percentage of dry matter.
  • Relative Feed Value (RFV) – an index for ranking forages based on their digestibility and intake potential. Generally, the higher the score, the higher the quality.


Physical characteristics of our alfalfa hay include:
  • Bright green Colour and a sweet, fresh odor with high proportion of leaves in the bale.
  • Free of coarse stems, seed heads, foreign objects (trash, sticks, tree leaves), weeds, or poisonous plant species with very little dust or mold.


Our Export Alfalfa hay from the farmer is single Pressed either in 3-tie bales or big bales which are brought to a hay processing facility.
They are then compressed by a Hay press machine to a specific size and weight.
Our bale sizes vary from small to large, in 30Kg, 60Kg, 120Kg, and 450Kg. to conveniently load more hay into the sea container and reduce ocean freight costs.


Alfalfa Hay
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