Bulk Alfalfa Hay – Wholesale

$325.00$335.00 / M.Ton - FOB Los Angeles + Ocean Freight

Item # Bulk Alfalfa Hay SKU # 201310107 Price per unit M.Ton - FOB Los Angeles + Ocean FreightOrder: Minimum Qty 5 Container loadsOrder: Minimum Amt 5 Container loadsCountry of Origin USA, Canada
Shipped by Babaash USA Inc.Sold by Babaash USA Inc.
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Available for immediate shipment in Bulk Quantities, the following most popular selling grades this year for Wholesale Alfalfa  Hay:
  • Alfalfa - USDA - PREMIUM/GOOD Grade - CP  21% Max  &  RFV 160 Max - 2023 crop - 30kg Double Compressed, Mini Bale with unipak (24 bales shrink wrapped together)
  • US $ 335 - FOB Los Angeles + Ocean Freight - (for Bulk Quantity Export)
  • Alfalfa - USDA - GOOD/FAIR Grade - CP  18% Max  &  RFV 155 Max - 2023 crop - 30kg Double Compressed, Mini Bale with unipak (24 bales shrink wrapped together)
  • US $ 325 - FOB Los Angeles + Ocean Freight - (for Bulk Quantity Export)
Payment: Irrevocable, Transferable Letter of Credit.
Please feel free to reach out to us for further information or to place your order. We are committed to providing you with premium quality Wholesale Alfalfa Hay to meet your specific requirements.
Our other common Grades:
Supreme Alfalfa:              "Minimum": CP22 / RFV185 / TDN62
(Generally loaded as Double compressed (D/C) has very good green color, leaf retention, and not rained on).
Premium Alfalfa:             "Minimum": CP20 / RFV170 / TDN60
(Generally loaded as Double compressed (D/C) must have good green color, leaf retention, and not rained on).
Good/Standard Alfalfa:   "Minimum": CP18 / RFV150 / TDN58
(Generally loaded as Double compressed (D/C) could have similar or lesser appearance than Premium Alfalfa including less green color and more brown stem, less leaf retention, possibly rained on).
Economy Alfalfa:              "Minimum": CP16 / RFV130 / TDN56                 
(Generally loaded as Double compressed (D/C) could have similar or lesser appearance than Good/Standard Alfalfa including lesser green color and more brown stem, lesser leaf retention, rained on).
* Price is FOB Los Angeles Or any West Coast Port in Small to Large Compressed bales
** Available in 30kg, 60kg, 120kg, 350kg and 430kg Bales compressed by Hay Press machine


Bulk Alfalfa Hay Wholesale

Our Sun-cured Bulk Alfalfa hay is grown in USA or Canada for Export.
Bulk Alfalfa hay is the most well-known and widely fed legume (called “lucerne” in many parts of the world) and has the highest feeding value for your Dairy cows, Beef cattle, Horses, Camels, Sheep, etc.
Our Wholesale Alfalfa’s high protein content makes it ideal for milk-producing livestock, horses and animals with high energy requirements, it is low in sugar, moderately high in protein, high in calories and digestible fiber.
Alfalfa Hay quality (USA market Standards)
a: % CP
b: % ADF
c: % NDF
d: % TDN
e: % RFV
Supreme Alfalfa:
> 22
< 27
< 34
> 62
< 185
Premium Alfalfa:
Good Alfalfa:
Fair Alfalfa:
Utility Alfalfa:
< 16
> 35
> 44
< 56
< 130
a: CP is Crude Protein
b: ADF is Acid Detergent Fiber.
c: NDF is Neutral Detergent Fiber.
d: TDN is Total Digestible Nutrients using the Western (California) formula on a
     100% Dry Matter basis: TDN = 82.38 – (0.7515 x ADF).
e: RFV is calculated by the Wisconsin formula: RFV = (DDM X DMI)/1 .29, where DDM is Dry Matter            Digestibility (%) and DMI is voluntary Dry Matter Intake (% of body weight). DDM = 88 .9 – (0.779 x            ADF). DMI = 120/NDF.
Source: National Forage Testing Association at https://www.foragetesting.org/
Our core samples from multiple bales of every stack are analyzed by third-party forage analysis labs which are certified by the National Forage Testing Association.
  • Crude Protein (CP) – an estimate of the plant protein in the feed based on its total nitrogen content. Expressed as a percentage of dry matter.
  • Relative Feed Value (RFV) – an index for ranking forages based on their digestibility and intake potential. Generally, the higher the score, the higher the quality.
Physical characteristics of our alfalfa hay include:
  • Bright green Color and a sweet, fresh odor with high proportion of leaves in the bale.
  • Free of coarse stems, seed heads, foreign objects (trash, sticks, tree leaves), weeds, or poisonous plant species with very little dust or mold.
Our Export Bulk Alfalfa hay from the farmer is single Pressed either in 3-tie bales or big bales which are brought to a hay processing facility.
They are then compressed by a Hay press machine to a specific size and weight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Our bale sizes vary from small to large as follows:
30kg, 60kg, 120kg, 350kg and 430kg
to conveniently load more hay into the sea container and reduce ocean freight costs
1)- D/C 1/2 Cut: 25-30kg (55-66lb) – 53cm x 30cm x 43cm
A modification of the D/C bale, D/C 1/2 Cut is simply one half of the size of our traditional bale.
This light bale is perfect for personalized hand feeding.
2)- Mini Bale: 33-40kg (73-88lb) – 53cm x 41cm x 43cm
A favorite of camel, sheep, and goat ranches, the D/C Mini Bale is a very efficient packaging options for both shipping and feeding.
Compressed to accommodate the same weights as the natural 3-tie bale, D/C Mini Bale offers saving in transportation costs and it can be hand fed.
3)- D/C: 50-60kg (110-132lb) – 53cm x 61cm x 43cm
This traditional, double-compressed export bale is flexible for different handling and loading styles.
It is light enough to pick up by hand but heavy enough to maximize container or trucking loads.
4)- 110kg Log: 100-120kg (220-265lb) – 58cm x 116cm x 43cm
This package type (the base unit for D/C, D/C ½ Cut, and D/C Mini bale) is consolidated in a double-compressed unit, which means efficient transportation.
Feeding with the 110kg log can be dropped off in a field, in a trough, or blended into a ration.
It’s shape ensures that multiple animals can be fed with minimal stacking and unstacking.
5)- 350kg: 350kg (772lb) – 107cm x 76cm x 112cm
The 350kg bale is a large double compressed bale available only with our Straw products and is packaged with plastic straps in place of plastic sleeves.
This bale type is best suited to large-scale feeding needs such as TMR or feed rations and is a very economical packaging option.
6)- 430kg: 430kg (948lb) – 117cm x 77cm x 121cm
The 430kg bale is a large double compressed bale best used when incorporated into TMR or feed rations for large-scale dairies.
Highly modernized dairies prefer this package because it is simple to load and unload with a forklift, saves on shipping costs, and is simple to manage.
Regardless of the type of herd you have, the 430kg is well suited to large-scale feeding needs.
7)- Mag: 430kg (948lb) – 117cm x 81cm x 122cm
The MAG bale is a flexible alternative to the 430kg bale.
This bale is double – compressed and can be sectioned off into 0, 4, 8 or 16 blocks of hay while still retaining the large sleeve.
It’s a very popular hay export packaging option and is offered in either 4, 8, or 16-cut configurations.
By offering 1 or 3 additional cuts, end-users appreciate the ease of handling when formulating mixed rations for their herds.
The cut configurations are as follows:
  • A – 4 cut (normal, no additional cuts)
  • B – 8 cut (one additional vertical cut)
  • C – 16 cut (two additional horizontal cuts)
Forklifts are required to move this product, but flaking the bale makes it flexible for hand feeding.
8)- 3-Tie Bale: 32-64kg (71-141lb) – 55cm x 35cm x 111cm
As the traditional, single-compressed bale, 3-Tie is supplied to distributors and users who desire the natural fibers that come from harvesting hay.
Single-compressed bales are twice the volume as double-compressed bales.
These bales are easy to feed and can be unloaded by hand or forklift.


Bulk Alfalfa Hay - Wholesale
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