Bulk Alfalfa/Timothy Hay Pellets – Sun Cured

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Bulk Alfalfa/Timothy Hay Pellets – Sun Cured

Bulk Alfalfa/Timothy Hay Pellets – Sun Cured are high density, ¼ inch pellets of Forage.
This mix combines two of the most popular forages fed to horses in a blend that is moderate to low in protein and sugar.
Sun-cured, baled Bulk Alfalfa & Timothy hay is ground, then steam processed to about 100ºF before it is pressed into dies to form the finished hay pellet.
It’s easier to make high-quality sun-cured Alfalfa & Timothy products in the western United States, with its low rainfall and humidity.
To make hay pellets, the forage plants have to grow to the proper maturity stage, then cut, dry and bale the forage into conventional bales for storage.
The forage is stored to prevent any damage or bleaching associated with exposure of the forge to sun or inclement weather.
Throughout the year, this baled forage is ground, mixed with steam, and pushed through a die with pressure to form the pellet.
Horses often eat hay pellets faster than traditional hay because the smaller, ground particles are easy to chew and swallow.
Hay pellets also do not provide any long-stem forage. However, for horses with poor teeth, soaking these pellets can still provide important fiber and nutrients.
When you feed hay, its nutrient content is not consistent. One bale might be higher in protein than another, for example.
Forage pellets, on the other hand, have consistent nutrient values, this makes it easier to track exactly what your animal is eating and ensure his specific nutrient needs are being met.
Pound for pound equivalent with hay, so no crazy math skills are needed to calculate how much you should be


Bulk Alfalfa/Timothy Hay Pellets - Sun Cured
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